Raised in the redwoods, I developed a love for nature and hands-on creativity. Over the past eight years, I've focused on metalwork, shaping my identity as a metalsmith artist.

My pieces combine a modern style with rustic and industrial elements, capturing nature's textures. Working with brass, sterling silver, gold-filled, and gold, I create jewelry with geometric shapes and organic textures, often embracing asymmetry.

I hold two majors in small metal/jewelry and sculpture from the California College of the Arts, complemented by nine years at Cabrillo Community College in Santa Cruz, CA. My garage studio in northeast Portland is where I meticulously craft my metal treasures.

My philosophy is simple: imperfections are perfect and should be celebrated. Each piece is handworked, reflecting the authenticity of mark making. Through my creations, I invite you to appreciate the beauty of the imperfect, the genuine, and the passionately crafted.